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Eco Friendly Fencing

Eco Friendly Fencing

Eco Friendly Fencing

Lightweight and durable

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Eco Friendly Fencing

Custom colours and sizes available

Innovative solutions

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Eco Friendly Fencing

Fast, Easy Installation

Recycled plastic fencing

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Why Choose Eco Friendly Fencing ?

Eco Fencing is an environmentally friendly, cost effective way to replace old rotting steel or timber fencing and posts. Eco Friendly Fencing does not require any treating or maintenance, therefore taking up less time and money.
The fencing and components are made from recycled UPVC plastic
sourced from the UK. Eco Friendly Fencing Installation

Simple Installation
Eco Friendly Fencing is lightweight and easy to install. It is designed to
slot into exisiting concrete fence posts and will create a strong and
durable panel. Eco Fencing can also be combined and used with
traditional timber panels, brickwork or concrete.

Eco Friendly Fencing has a variety of uses and a brilliant choice for
schools, playgrounds and parks. Aesthetically they look great and
are available in many bright colours. From a safety aspect Eco Friendly
Fencing is a safer solution around children. The lightweight design
and smooth edges make Eco Friendly Fencing completely safe.


A - Post
B - Rail
C - Infill Panel
D - Post Cap

Applications & uses

  • School Playground Fencing
  • Parks & Public Play Areas

Steel Fencing (Gates & Railings) Ltd are fully committed to the highest level of health and safety, customer service and professionalism for every installation. Utilising quality materials in manufacturing, the highest level of expertise, we aim to maintain a quality product that is secure and reliable. Our team of experts supply and install Eco Fencing on a nationwide scale.

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